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P-VII : Stella by mazubutt P-VII : Stella by mazubutt

▌ P R O F I L E

    01 · I N F O

    ▌ Personal Information

      「 Stella Hawthorne」
      age : 18
      gender : Female
      height : 5'4" (162cm)
      species : Elf

      house : Polaris
      major arcana : Aer (element of Air), Nox (element of Dark)
      spells : 
      airwalk (Aer): enables her to manipulate air to float and levitate herself off the ground for a short 10-20 seconds at a time. The levitation is only a few centimeters off the ground, thus the name airwalk. She will require 3 rp turns to fully recover from the previous cast, since it drains alot of her mana from using it.
      shadowtail (Nox): manipulation of darkness (and minor wind) by condensing a part of her own shadow into a tangible form, something close to the texture of magnetic sand. To remain in its condensed form she needs to concentrate on it, or the particles will decay and fall apart, and in some cases its brittle enough to break apart upon any hard pressure contact. It also is in need of light (to make out her shadow) in order to be used. Due to the limitations of her ability, her stamina only allows her to use it twice, for a maximum of 6-8 seconds at per use, before she is completely depleted and exhausted.
      weapon : mainly shadowtail, but is handy at usage of throwing knives too.

    02 · P E R S O N A L I T Y

    ▌ ✩  "I love the way your eyes sparkle +*+*+"

      「 ✩ eccentric - optimistic - enthusiastic - friendly ⋆ impulsive - unkempt - scatterbrained - lacking 」
      Quite eccentric, she often sees things in different perspective, Stella is sort of silly and quirky in her very own ways. She understands things a little differently, sometimes lacking in common sense, but she is a very optimistic person and believes in good things, and good days even when the times are dark. Not the kind to back down easily by rudeness or insults, she continues to show her unwavering enthusiasm to whoever she meets. Scatterbrained, and impulsive, she often dives head on into things, most often needing someone to pull her back. Although she may not be very bright, she is a very loyal friend and is someone who will have your back, through thick and thin.

    「 likes · dislikes 」

    • stars, constellations and all the alike
    • animals of all kinds
    • nature (flowers and plants especially)
    • sound of water
    • bubblegum
    • violence, fights
    • thunder
    • death
    • cotton candy
    • naggings

      03 · B I O G R A P H Y

      ▌ Background information
        「 00 · S U M M A R Y 」
        Born during midnight on a fateful even date of 12th December, a small girl was named Stella, after a pun in the word Con'stella'tion, to a pair of elves that devoted their lives to studying constellations for a living. They are of a type of dark elf that have distinctive long ears, due to their lineage and were descendants of pure Nox magic. Brought up in a warm family, Stella had more that she could ask for, she had a great life ahead of her, blessed with a loving and supportive family. The parents have been students in Luna Arc, and they were proud to groom and tell their little girl of the adventures that awaited her in the academy.

        At early stages of her magic were pure Nox, but as time goes by, there were disturbances in her magic, where unknown Aer magic stemmed out from her usual Nox, causing such worries from her parents on their child. She was far too young to be able to control two major arcanas at once, so without a doubt, she was sent to the academy to proper control her powers when she came in age.

      04 · M I S C

      ▌ Extra information  
      「 trivia 」
      • quite expressive, can be read easily though her display of facial expressions
      • likes reading in questionable positions (leg in the air, reading upside down)
      • hardly seen without her makeup and black lipstick, and signature star mole under her left eye
      • most unkempt messy hair
      • loves gifts of anything star shaped
      • indifferent to romance (at the moment)

      「 relations 」

      「 rp methods 」

      • Styles : headcanon, script or lit
      • Mediums : Discord, google docs, chatroom, skype/line (only if frequent rp partner)

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